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Graco Extend2fit Review

Graco Extend2fit is a higher end Graco car seat model that comes with remarkable crash test results. This is one of the lightweight Graco car seat models and has a unique design to provide you with an extra legroom. The seat comes with a tray underneath which slides out to accommodate your growing child’s legs in the rear facing mode.  The child can stay in the rear facing mode till he or she weighs 50 lbs. Let us further discuss about the features of Graco Extend 2fit.

Weight and height limits

  • Back facing 4 to 50 pounds and child’s head is one inch below the gray harness height adjustment handle
  • Front facing 22 to 65 lbs, height 49 inches or less and the child has to be at least one year old

As per American Academy of Pediatrics the child has to minimum 2 years old to be seated in front facing mode. As the seat has a high rear facing weight limit, it is safe to put the child in rear facing mode till about 2 years of age.

Crash test: Graco Extend2fit has scored impressively in crash test which makes it a top car seat in this parameter. Though Graco has not earned a good recognition for head sensor and chest clip sensor, it has given a good score collectively. Every car must comply with the federal safety standards and some car seats exceed the federal guidelines. However, there are a few car seats that perform better than the other car seats in offering protection. Graco is definitely one among those.

Installation: Graco can be installed easily using the LATCH installation technology. The method is not only easy to install but also gives a stable seat. The LATCH anchor comes as push button style which is easy to handle. The path through which the vehicle belt is installed is same for using the LATCH straps as well but with one side strap pull for tightening. When you compare this tigthening option with other unique options like self-ratcheting straps and center pull tightening, this is more challenging. In case, if your vehicle does not have LATCH anchors or your child has outgrown the LATCH connectors, you will have to install the seat using vehicle seat belt.

Harness: The buckle of Extender2fit resembles the one found in Britax seats. You would find it stiff yet easy to use. The shoulder padding can come in the way of tightening and adjusting the harness to fit. While the padding adds comfort to your child it can be tedious when adjusting the harness.  There is no need to rethread harness while changing shoulder heights.

Cover: The cover of Graco Extender2fit might be challenging to remove but once removed it can be machine washed. The cover has to line dried as it cannot go into a drier.

Comfort: The Graco Extender2fit has an adequate padding and comfortable fabric. The padding and fabric quality is average and so scores a little low on the comfort factor. The seat has an extendable leg rest so that your little one can rest the feet. This feature is unique and is an added comfort.