Best 5 point harness booster seat Reviews

If you are looking for best 5 point harness booster seat you will come across number of options to choose from. Let us consider the two major brands namely Britax and Diono. The 5 point harness booster seats from these two brands will ensure that your child remains safe in the seat for an extended period of time. The main issue is your child is not competent enough to sit upright in the seat without the help of harness when he or she is ready to take on a booster seat. Additionally, their body cannot overcome the collision when they are solely restrained by the seatbelt. They need an extra grip to hold onto the seat.

What counts to make a great harness booster seat?

  • The best seat models with 5 point harness will permit a maximum weight limit of 90 lbs
  • The best 5 point harness booster seats will accommodate children of minimum 2 years of age and 25 lbs of body weight. These two have to be satisfied before you choose them for your child
  • The best 5 point harness booster seats must be easy to use

With these pointers on mind let us have a look into the best 5 point harness booster seats available in the market.

The best of the lot available

Diono Rainier

It is the perfect model for your child and you will see him or her comfortable right from the infancy to elementary school stage. That is a remarkable 12 year lifespan and this onetime investment is the best one you can make for your child to help him stay comfortable throughout his or her childhood. This car seat can take on weight from 5 to 120 lbs which is an impressive attribute. The seat features a compact design and this facilitates accommodation of three across in a medium sized car. The price range is also a bit expensive because of the following key features.

  • Features a steel frame that extends the lifespan and offers extra protection
  • The head rest can be adjusted to 12 positions
  • Offers side impact protection via strengthened side walls and energy absorbing foam pads
  • Offers high comfort through two-piece body pillow meant for newborn
  • It is also highly comfortable for older kids to sit with the memory foam
  • It accommodates kids weighing from 5 to 50 pounds in rear facing mode and 20 to 90 pounds in forward facing before they switch to booster mode which accommodates 50 to 120 pounds and height up to 57 inches
  • The Super LATCH feature enables easy installation up to 80 pounds of weight limit

The runner up car seat model

Britax Pinnacle 90

With a lesser investment you can choose Britax Pinnacle 90. One of the admirable features is the Access Belt Paths which make the process easy to use with adult seat belts. The seat comes with integrated cup holders for convenient storage, an additional storage space and also removable covers that can be machine washed. Pinnacle 90 in harness mode is certified even for Aircraft travel and this fact is known to frequent flyers. The only issue with the Pinnacle 90 is it is heavy and bulky; however offers quality safety features. It has 5-point harness feature with 7 adjustable height positions. In harness mode it takes 70 lbs and in booster mode it takes up to 110 pounds. When transitioning from harness to booster mode harness straps need not be removed. The seat features armrest for your child to rest their arms. The two buckle positions are perfect for growing children.

Depending on your budget you can choose any of the above two.