Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro

It is hard to spot the differences between Bob revolution flex and revolution pro. The earlier Bob revolution version has been in the market for quite a long time and has been the best choice of parents who wanted to have some activity while taking their children out in a stroller. The seat comes with a large canopy that is foldable and a spacious seat to accommodate larger kids. Though being popular among buyers it lacks some convenient features. BOB has come up with new and improvised models of revolution jogging stroller which you can consider buying.

The Bob revolution flex and pro car seat models still maintain the same features of their earlier versions but they include a few extra improvised features for you to purchase. Let us have a look at the key features and significant differences between the two models to arrive at the most suitable model.

Comparison table – Bob revolution flex vs pro

Features Bob revolution flex Bob revolution pro
Weight and height limits 75 pounds and 44 inches 75 pounds and 44 inches
Swiveling front wheel for easy handling Yes Yes
Wheel locks for stability while jogging or in hard surfaces Yes Yes
Lightweight frame Yes Yes
Two step folding Yes Yes
Adjustable suspension system Yes Yes
Accessory adaptor to attach infant car seat adaptor or snack tray Yes Yes
Multi position canopy Yes Yes
Polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires Yes Yes
Cushioned handlebar for comfort Yes Yes
Wrist strap for securing stroller Yes Yes
Limited 5 year warranty on the frame Yes Yes
Limited 1 year warranty on small parts and fabric Yes Yes
Hand brake No Yes
Color frame options Silver frame and Black frame Black frame

These strollers cannot be taken out for a jogging if you have a new baby onboard. The below are the age instructions for using the strollers:

  • 0 to 8 weeks – you have to walk with car seat adaptor and the stroller does not come with a sufficient recline for new born
  • 8 weeks to 8 months – Car adaptor is not required to walk
  • 8 months to 5 years – You can go off road either to walk or jog

While jogging always use the wrist strap and make sure that the seat is in the straight position. The strollers can take maximum weight of 75 pounds and height of 44 inches.

The main difference between the two models is the Bob revolution pro comes with handbrake while both of them have the foot parking brake. This feature is very useful when you jog down the hill with your baby in the stroller and save yourself and the baby getting injured. Likewise, walking down the steep hills is also much easier when you mildly apply the handbrake.


While the revolution flex version has different color options, Bob revolution pro comes with an exclusive handbrake. You will have to spend an additional amount for this exclusive feature which is worth spending. Though both the models have similar features, for the extra handbrake feature in the Pro model, you can go for BOB Revolution Pro model.