BOB Revolution SE vs Flex

A jogging stroller is a great choice for active parents helping them have their baby at one place and also smoothly cross terrains. BOB offers two models that help parents have an off road stroller jogging, the Revolution Flex and the Revolution SE to keep pace with the ever traveling families. The strollers almost have similar features and it will be confusing for you to choose the suitable one. Let us compare the two models to arrive at the most suitable stroller for your baby.

Comparison table – BOB Revolution SE Vs BOB Revolution Flex

Features BOB Revolution SE BOB Revolution Flex
Price Lower than Flex Higher than SE
Weight 28.5 pounds 25 pounds
Safety features 5-point harness, handbrake, wrist strap, front locking wheel 5-point harness, handbrake, wrist strap, front locking wheel
Height of handlebar Adjustable handlebar – 34.5 to 48 inches Non adjustable handlebar – 40 inches
Folding system Two step folding and one handed Two step folding and one handed
Accessories Snack tray, cup holder, etc are sold separately Snack tray, cup holder, etc are sold separately
Car seat compatible Adaptors sold separately Adaptors sold separately
Swiveling front wheel for easy handling Yes Yes
Wheel locks for stability while jogging or in hard surfaces Yes Yes
Lightweight frame Yes Yes
Multi position canopy Yes Yes
Polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires Yes Yes
Wrist strap for securing stroller Yes Yes
Cushioned handlebar for comfort Yes and it is adjustable as well


Yes but it is set at a fixed height
Limited 5 year warranty on the frame Yes Yes
Limited 1 year warranty on small parts and fabric Yes Yes
Color options Different color options Limited

Parents cannot take these strollers out for a jogging if the new baby is onboard. The below are the age instructions for using the strollers:

  • 0 to 8 weeks – you have to walk with car seat adaptor and the stroller does not come with a sufficient recline for new born
  • 8 weeks to 8 months – Car adaptor is not required to walk
  • 8 months to 5 years – You can go off road either to walk or jog

While jogging always use the wrist strap and make sure that the seat is in the straight position. The strollers can take maximum weight of 75 pounds and height of 44 inches.

The main differences are the adjustable handlebar that the flex model has as well as the different color options. The SE model’s handlebar is set at a fixed height and it is not adjustable. As parents and caretakers are of different heights and shapes, the adjustable handlebar helps them conveniently handle the stroller and fix the height of it according to their height. It prevents you from stooping down to push the stroller and offer convenient maneuverability. Secondly, Flex is available in more color options when compared to SE model.


If you really do not want to hurt your back by stooping forward it is recommended that you go for BOB Revolution Flex as it comes with an adjustable handlebar. The SE model comes with a fixed handlebar that might not be appropriate for your height. The funky color options and the adjustable handlebar make BOB Revolution Flex as the best choice.