Britax B Agile Vs City Mini

If you are on the lookout for a full sized and lightweight stroller you can consider Britax B Agile and City Mini strollers. These strollers fall in the mid price range and almost have similar features and based on your requirements you can choose either one of them. The model Britax B Agile can accommodate a higher weight limit and does not require a separate car seat adaptor to be bought to work as a travel system. Anyways, Britax B Agile can get along with only Britax car seat to work as a travel system. Let us have a small comparison on the two car seat models.

Comparison Table – Britax B Agile Vs City Mini

Features Britax B Agile City Mini
Weight of the stroller 18 lbs 18.4 lbs
Maximum child weight limit 55 lbs 50 lbs
Travel seat compatibility Compatible with any Briatx seat Compatible with different car seats but adaptor has to be bought separately
Suspension of wheel All wheels Front wheel
Parking brakes Linked Linked
Harness 5-point 5-point
Folding One hand fold One hand fold
Recline position Infinite Infinite
Canopy Yes Yes

When you look at the similarities both the models are lightweight. Though may not be as light as umbrella models still 18 pounds folds easily and it is easy to take it out and keep inside the car. The middle of the seat has a strap which you have to pull up for the stroller to easily fold down. Though many strollers have this feature it is hard to do it with one hand if the stroller isn’t lightweight. Both Britax B Agile and City Mini are lightweight so folding them one hand is very easy. This feature is very helpful when you are holding your child in one hand.

Both the car seat models have a double front wheel that make the turns breezier. As the strollers are lightweight pushing them with one hand is also easy. On the other hand, the strollers come with infinite recline which means they have no specific recline positions. You will be using a pull string kind of mechanism that helps the seat to recline to any level from upright to flat. Many parents have opined that they like this feature as it reclines smoothly when compared to other mechanism. Because with other strollers there is a possibility of your child waking up if you try to adjust the recline position. With the infinite recline feature, you can lower the seat and adjust without disturbing the child. Both the seat models do not have child tray which disappoints parents. However, a child tray can be bought separately and used for both the strollers

The difference is seen in the compatibility with travel system. A travel system typically contains an infant car seat that can be easily removed from the vehicle and stroller. Britax B Agile is compatible only with Britax car seats. Baby Jogger sells adapters separately to make City Mini compatible with a wide range of strollers available in the market.


Britax B Agile is a better option has it comes with higher weight limits of 55 pounds and also has all wheel suspension. There is no necessity of buying a separate adapter as it is compatible with all Britax car seats.