Britax B-Safe 35 Vs Elite

Britax offers two bucket car seat choices B safe 35 and elite. The car seat model “elite” has extra features than the base model b safe 35 and therefore offered at a higher price. Both the car seat models have good safety features and the installation is very easy with the included base. However, if you do not mind extending your budget a little more, go for elite model to enjoy the benefits of extra features.

What are the differences?

When you compare both the models, you will find an extra layer of side impact protection in b safe 35 elite model. An impact absorbing headrest is not found in the base model which makes the difference. This headrest protects your baby’s neck and head and keeps them in place securely at the event of an accident. The headrest alone not makes the elite car seat a better choice; it is quickly adjustable as well. It is important that you must adjust the shoulder straps so that the straps properly sit on the child’s shoulder and are closer to the shoulder level. Most of the baby car seats have 3 to 4 shoulder strap positions. Elite car seat has 6 shoulder strap positions that facilitate a secure and accurate fit for your baby. On the other hand in Elite model, you need not have to rethread the harness straps to adjust them.

In b safe 35 base model you will have to pull the straps out of the back slots and rethread into the slots you want. Secondly, the elite version has an easy to remove cover made of soft and a breathable material than the base model. However, seat covers of both the models are not machine washable. Elite can take weight of 11.5 lbs while safe 35 version can take only 10 lbs.

Comparison table – Britax B safe 35 Vs Britax B Elite

Features Britax B safe 35 Britax B Elite
Brand Britax Britax
Child weight limits 4 to 35 lbs 4 to 35 lbs
Seating mode Rear facing only Rear facing only
Child standing height 32 inches or less 32 inches or less
Child seated shoulder height limits 6.5 to 11 lbs 6.5 to 11 lbs
Installation of car seat LATCH LATCH
Click and Go Travel System Compatible YES YES
Side Impact Protection Layers 1 2
SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base YES YES
SafeCell Impact Stabilizing Steel frame YES YES
Quick Adjust Headrest NO YES
No-rethread Harness NO YES
Easy to remove car NO YES
Superior fabrics and padding NO YES
Inbuilt Lock Offs YES YES

Final words

When it comes to price, Elite version is considered as the higher model and so the price will be certainly higher than the base model. As the price of infant car keeps changing you better check in the official website for their latest price. Britax elite version has additional features like extra layer of side impact protection, quick adjust headrest, no-rethread harness and superior fabrics and padding which you can consider to pay the higher cost. If you are not inclined to spend more on your car seat, Britax B Safe 35 is yet a safe and comfortable model with minimal features.