Britax Convertible Car Seat Comparison

There is a huge demand for car seats in the United States of America as child safety is one of the main criteria for parents today. Therefore, choosing the best car seats manufactured by distinct companies is not an easy task. Out of many brands, Britax has become popular worldwide for its convertible car seats as they offer ultimate safety features and protection to children.

About Britax

Majority of families in the United States trust Britax to ensure safety of their children. The company is known for designing, testing and building the car seat for generations using global components. The convertible car seats are safest options not only for infants, but also for toddlers and elementary kids. However, when you have multiple models, choosing the best one is a cumbersome task. Britax is one of the renowned brands that manufacture best convertible car seats for children to offer safety. The car seats are designed using world class components and hence it is one of the top selling companies as far as car seats are concerned. The comparisons done below will help parents decide on which model to choose and ensure safety of their child.

1. Britax Advocate Convertible Car Seat

Britax is indeed the popular name when it comes to car seats. This is mainly due to its outstanding performance and safety ratings. The Advocate model is one of the popular car seats that feature side impact cushion technology in addition to other safety features.

Features at a glance

  • Three layers of protection ensure that children are safe from any side impact
  • Smartly designed using the click and snug harness indicator for tightness and security
  • The 14 position harness provides maximum comfort with best fit as a child grows.
  • Integrated steel bars, energy absorbent tether and safe cell crash concept offers best protection

2. Britax Boulevard convertible Car Seat

The Boulevard car seat from Britax is an excellent choice that comfortably accommodates infants to elementary kids. The weight limit is 5 pounds to 65 pounds and this is one of the added features that are in great demand. The Boulevard car seat meets all the safety requirements such as side impact protection, energy absorbent tether and steel bars. In addition, other comfort features include 5 point harness which needs no re-threading.

Features at a glance

  • Two layers of protection from side impact along with adjustable head protection
  • Inclusive of a steel frame, patented tether and energy absorbent base
  • 2 position buckle helps in moving the harness upward easily for a secure fit

3. Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat

The Marathon Click Right convertible car seat is the popular choice as it’s designed with safety technology. With easy installation and ultimate comfort, you can protect your child during road journeys despite of the distance. The seat also protects your child from side impact so you can drive with utmost confidence. Your child will remain safe as the seat is designed using global components.

Features at a glance

  • Can be used as both front facing and rear facing car seat
  • Easy to install and ensures your child is seated comfortably
  • 12 position harness also suitable for growing children through height adjustment
  • Deep energy absorbent shell protects your child from impacts

Click Tight models are the newest innovation of Britax. They may be a bit heavier compared to the older models, but simpler to install. These models are ideal for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of shoving and pulling like traditional car seats. Switching the car seats between cars is easier. But choosing between the convertible car seats mentioned above may be a difficult task as they have similar mechanism and size. Therefore, some of the finer features can be considered to understand the most suitable car seat as per your requirement.

Comparison between Britax Convertible Car Seats

The Marathon car seat is one of the best choices as it is the most economical one. The weight limitations of all 3 car seats are same which is between 5 to 40 pounds for rear facing and 20 to 65 pounds for front facing. As far as the Boulevard and Advocate car seats are concerned, they both have additional 2 inches of height limits.

One of the important features that make the Boulevard more popular than marathon is the side impact protection. Hence, it does not provide those extra 2 inches of height limitations like the other two models. The Boulevard and Advocate car seat provides a rigid side impact security that is connected to the lowering and rising of the shoulder straps that are rigid and offers a pillow. Therefore, the Boulevard can be a better choice due to this particular feature.

The Difference between Advocate, Marathon and Boulevard Car Seat

The main difference between these two models is that the Advocate car seat has side impact protection that involves soft plastic bubbles towards the outer part of the seat. This in turn acts like a third layer of protection towards side impacts. Well, this is one of the added features. However, it is wider in size which may not be suitable if there is more than one car seat. It may be difficult when there are more people at the back seat. The Boulevard and Marathon are wide by 18 inches, but when you have 2 car seats with a standard size in the back seat, you may have less space for an extra person. These are some of the main differences of the car seats from Britax. You can go through these features, similarities and differences to make the right choice for your child.

Thus, Britax has been the leading manufacturer of travel safety for over 70 years. With extensive research and experience in addition to extended hours of engineering, the car seats are designed by Britax to offer best safety standards for children. The engineers of Britax have come up with best innovations which include side impact protection and versa-tether to help your child sit safely while you are driving.