Britax Marathon vs Advocate

Britax manufactures several convertible car seats that are designed keeping safety in mind. Britax Marathon and Advocate are two leading car seat models among the Britax car seat models that use ClickTight technology for installation. The Advocate car seat model is priced higher than the Marathon because of the added features that include extra side impact protection, a harness indicator and an extended range of child height limits. As per a few user reviews, Britax Advocate is not worth the extra cost. Both the car seat models are great choices; however Marathon is sufficient with all the features you require for your child to ride comfortably.

How are they different?

Britax Advocate has only ClickTight option while Marathon has both ClickTight and Non-ClickTight options. This is the only major difference observed between the two models.

Similarities between the models

Side impact protection: Being the higher end model Britax Advocate offers more side impact protection when compared to Britax Marathon. The Advocate model comes with a cushion to protect the head and also cushions on the sides to absorb the energy during a collision. If you are looking for a safest car seat for your child remember Advocate is little expensive. Marathon offers all the car seat safety features that you expect for a comparatively lesser price.

Click and Safe snug harness indicator

Britax Advocate has this feature which lets you know if the harness is tightened with an audible click sound. Though it is a good feature you will have to think about shelling extra money for Advocate for this feature alone. However, Britax gives a warning that even upon using click and safe snug harness indicator you will have to ensure that if it is properly fit on your child. You can double check the fit using the harness indicator.

Harness positions

The Britax Advocate comes with two additional harness positions that are not found in Marathon. The harness positions are very important as they hold your child tightly during the ride and very safely hold your baby at the event of an accident. The Marathon comes with 12 harness positions and the Advocate comes with 14.  In general, car seats will not have these many harness positions which is an advantage to the users of Marathon and Advocate users. The spacing between the harness positions of Advocate and Marathon is same; however Advocate offers more room to grow when compared to Marathon.

The maximum seated height limit of Marathon is 16.95 inches while Advocate offers 18.65 inches. The standing height limit of both the car seats is 49 inches but Advocate offers a more wiggle room for seated height.

Safe cell impact protection

Both Marathon and Advocate include Britax’s Safe Cell impact protection.  The side impact protection comprises of a steel frame, an impact absorbing base and foam lined shell. These features work together and reduce the impact forces durian a collision.

To conclude, although Advocate has an extra layer of side impact protection, Marathon’s side impact protection is more than enough. Advocate has harness indicator that gives an audio click sound to indicate that the harness is snug enough. Still it is not a highly necessary feature as long as you know how to tighten the harness properly. Advocate’s additional features do not outweigh the extra cost. Britax Marathon is still a good choice with standard safety features and comfort.