Britax Marathon Vs Boulevard

Britax is one of the pioneering brands in selling convertible car seat models. Their convertible car seat models include Advocate, Boulevard, Marathon and Roundabout. Among these models, Advocate seems to be the most expensive and the least expensive is the Roundabout. The Marathon and Boulevard fall in the mid range category.  Both these convertible car seat models have many features in common with Boulevard having a few additional features in common. Does it imply that Boulevard is superior among the two models?

It is not so as Boulevard just features an extra layer of side impact protection but comes at a higher price for this one difference in feature. There are opinions from expert that the cost becomes same when you get Marathon with clicktight and Boulevard without Clicktight. They further add that extra safety feature you get from Clicktight technology is better than the extra layer of side impact protection that you get from Boulevard. However, if Boulevard with Clicktight technology fits well within your budget you can go for it.

What are the common features?

Both the Marathon and Boulevard with ClickTight feature have the following features in common:

  • 5 to 40 lbs in rear facing mode
  • 20 – 65 lbs in forward facing mode
  • 49 inches or less of standing height
  • 9 to 16.75 inches of seated shoulder height in rear facing mode
  • 12 to 16.75 inches of seated shoulder height in forward facing mode

The seated shoulder height limits of Marathon with ClickTight are:

  • 6 to 16.95 inches in rear facing mode
  • 12 to 16.95 inches in forward facing mode

The seated shoulder height limits of Boulevard with ClickTight are even broader:

  • 6 to 18.65 inches in rear facing mode
  • 12 to 18.65 inches in forward facing mode

Clicktight option: Both the car seat models come with Clicktight technology which makes the installation process very easy. You will have to just lift the front of the car seat, slide in the seat belt and click the front of the seat to close. This technology ensures secure installation. This also eliminates the hassle of tightening the seat belt yourself.

Anti-rebound bar option: This feature helps to stabilize the car seat in rear facing by minimizing its movement during an accident.

Safe Cell impact protection: This feature can minimize the impact that shifts to your child at the event of an accident. Both the seats feature steel frame, impact absorbing base and a deep foam lined shell.

The other similar features include no thread harness, automatic level indicator and easy remove cover.

How do they differ?

Side impact protection: The key difference between Marathon and Boulevard is that the Boulevard comes with an extra layer of side impact protection. This additional layer of protection is given around the head and it resembles a pillow. This feature protects the child’s head at the event of an accident. When you consider both the seat models without Clicktight, the only difference observed is the additional layoff of side impact protection. When you choose both the car seat models with Clicktight feature you will observe many differences between them.

Boulevard with Clicktight feature offers a higher maximum seated height of 18.65 inches while Marathon with Clicktight feature offers 16.95 inches of maximum seated height. The difference is because the Boulevard offers two extra harness slot positions that offer a broad range of seated height limits. Boulevard offers 14 harness positions while Marathan offers 12.

Therefore, Marathon gives enough protection and you need not pay more to get Boulevard. Otherwise, Boulevard has no additional features to consider.