Britax Pinnacle Vs Frontier Clicktight

Parents and child safety experts opine that Britax makes some of the best car seats in the market that provide complete safety to the child passengers during road trips. If you are looking to switch to a booster car seat you will come across a few best seats that Britax makes. Among the Britax seat models, Britax Frontier ClickTight combination harness 2-booster seat and Britax Pinnacle ClickTight harness 2- booster seat are the best choices. When you have to choose one among the two models it becomes tough as they both share more common features than differences.

Common features of Britax Pinnacle and Frontier

The foremost feature that makes both the car seat models the most sought out and used is safety. Both the car models use the SafeCell technology which is used at the base of the seat. This technology stabilizes the seat during a collision and keeps it safe in the vehicle.  As far as the base is concerned, it uses the SafeCell technology and absorbs the energy diverting the impact away from the child. The headrest is not only the comfort feature for both the seat models, it also aids at the event of an accident.

The layers of the headrest are capable of absorbing energy and comforting the child’s head during the trip. The headrest is designed in such way that it can block the flying debris such as glass or metal parts on the sides. The impact absorbing tether found on the seat’s back on the upper side features an exclusive design providing an additional safety to the seat. This design is patented for the technology and is V shaped. This technology prevents the seat from rotating during a crash. For added protection, it also comes with stage-released stitches that will help in minimizing the forward movement of the seat during a crash.

The ClickTight installation makes the installation process very easy. This installation procedure involves only three steps to secure your seat to the vehicle. As the first step, open the ClickTight compartment provided beneath the child’s seat. Secondly, thread via the seat belt and buckle it. Finally, shut the ClickTight compartment till you hear the click sound in a loud way and you are done. No other adjustments required and the car seat will not move even a bit after you install this way.

The other common features include reclining, cup holders, bottom buckle, easy to clean cover and comfortable harness.

Differences between Britax Pinnacle and Frontier

The main difference is the level of safety that each features. The Britax Pinnacle features an extra layer of protection in the headrest for side impact protection. It also has an extra outer shell that comforts your child and absorbs impact at the event of a collision. This makes the seat bulkier by adding about 1.5 lbs of weight and 3.5 inches in width. This is considerable for a seat that is already heavy. Therefore the only difference is the added safety in Pinnacle which makes the seat even bulkier and adds to the slighly higher price tag. Since both have most of the features in common, you can choose Pinnacle for a more safe and comfortable ride for your kid if the extra cost is not a factor for you.

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