Britax Pioneer Vs Frontier

If you are looking for a harness to booster seat then the Britax brand has a few to choose from. Among the Britax series, Britax Pioneer and Frontier are the two car seats that can be easily compared and also last long for your babies. If you are mainly looking for the price difference then Pioneer is certainly affordable than Frontier. However, Frontier has the ClickTight technology which ensures your child’s safety during any road trip. The ClickTight feature ensures proper installation and also that your child is securely buckled in.

In general, there are many similarities between the two models right from the design, safety features and side impact protection. Apart, there are significant qualities that differentiate the one from the other which will help you decide your best model. When comparing any two car seat models, you will have to look at certain areas like child weight limits, safety features and the longevity and of course the price difference. Let us compare Britax Pioneer and Frontier and arrive at the best choice for your vehicle.

Britax Pioneer

When you first look at the car seats it is hard to find out the differences as they look identical. But when you get into depth you will find the specific features of Britax Pioneer. The car seat model doubles as a high back booster seat by hiding the straps and harness and providing a comfortable seating for your kids. You cannot use the car seat for infancy period and it is available when your baby reaches two years of age to be seated in a forward facing mode. The seat comes with a 9-position quick adjustment harness that can be adjusted with one hand which some cars lack. You can switch from harness seat to a high back booster seat by tucking the straps to into the seat.

Britax Frontier

Britax Frontier almost has the same design of Pionees but comes with ClickTight system which makes the installation of the seat easy. Like Pioneer, this car seat model also has multiple recline and headrest positions that help your kids enjoy the best comfort. The seat also features energy absorbing shell and headrest that protect your child at the event of an accident.

Comparison Table – Britax Pioneer Vs Britax Frontier

Features Britax Pioneer Britax Frontier
Brand Britax Britax
Installation LATCH connectors and V-shaped tether ensures proper installation ClickTight technology helps in easy installation of car seat to the vehicle
Safety Harness 9-position quick adjust harness and 2-position buckle to accommodate your child 9-position quick adjust harness and 2-position buckle to accommodate your child
Forward facing harness car seat 2 years of age

25 to 70 pounds

2 years of age

25 to 90 pounds

Booster car seat 40 to 110 pounds 40 to 120 pounds
Safe Cell Impact Protection Yes Yes
Multiple headrest and recline positions Yes Yes
Cup holders Yes Yes
Easy remove cover Yes Yes

Final words

The major difference is the ClickTight system is found in Frontier which makes the installation process easier while the Pioneer uses LATCH connectors for installation. Britax Frontier is the high end model with extra features than Pioneer. Though all car seats comply with the safety standards ClickTight technology is an added safety feature which gives you an extra peace of mind during the travel. If you can extend your budget, Britax Frontier is the best choice.