Britax Roundabout vs Marathon

Britax manufactures a range of convertible car seats among which Britax Roundabout and Marathon are two popular and good choices. Britax Roundabout is less expensive car seat model while Marathon is one of the higher end models from the Britax warehouse. Both these car seat models are a great choice but if you are on a budget then Roundabout is recommended. Roundabout provides all the comfort features that Britax has to offer at an affordable price. Let see how they are different from each other.

How are they different?

Although, Roundabout is recommended for its affordable price you need to know that Marathon is priced higher because of the additional specs that it has.

Easy remove cover: Marathon comes with an easy remove car which comes handy when spillage occurs. When compared to easy remove cover of Marathon, Roundabout’s cover is little tough to remove and you will have to nearly tug with it. This is something that nobody likes when dealing with a messy seat.

Height and Weight limitations: Marathon offers you a wider range of height and weight limits. When it comes to rear facing weight limits, both the seats have it for 5 to 40 lbs. When it comes for forward facing, the Marathon has a weight limit of 65 lbs while Roundabout offers only up to 55 lbs. Likewise, the height limit for Roundabout is 46 inches while Marathon comes with a height limit of 49 inches.

Both these car seat models do not change to a harness or booster seat, therefore you need to buy another car seat irrespective of your choice from these. When switching to a harness or booster seat you will have to follow the age guidelines as well. Marathon accommodates a child of extra weight and height so choosing Marathon helps you to stay with the seat till you upgrade to a booster seat.

Harness system: Marathon comes with a quick adjustable harness system. This system is easier than rethreading the harness which you will be doing with Roundabout. Though rethreading the harness is not an extremely difficult task you will have to take out the seat out of the car to do it. It is not possible when your child is seated in the seat. For this one reason you can opt for Marathon than Roundabout. If it is necessary you can spend an extra amount for this feature.

Weight of the car seat: Marathon weighs 19.5 lbs which is slightly heavier than Roundabout that weighs 17.6 lbs. Both the car seats are heavy and getting them through an airport is a tough job. They are heavy because they are designed with impact absorbing materials.

ClickTight: Roundabout does not have the ClickTight installation while Marathon has it. ClickTight helps you tighten the seat straps and properly install the seats. It gives a peace of mind if the car seat is installed tightly.

The similarities observed in both the car seat models:

  • They have equal height and weight limits for car seats
  • They both offer safe cell impact protection

To conclude, Roundabout can save you money. It provides all that you require in a car seat and sufficient for convertible car seats. There is nothing to say bad about Marathon. If you are ready spend the extra amount, Marathon is definitely worth it.