Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Vs Zip

Chicco keyfit 30 has been in the market for many years and is still popular among the parents. While the Chicco keyfit 30 can be still bought in the market there are other options recently introduced for parents to consider from Chicco brand.  The newest models are termed as Chicco Keyfit Magic and Chicco Keyfit Zip. All these three share similar features; however there are some basic differences among them for you to consider and make a suitable decision before buying. Chicco Keyfit series are considered the top rated car seats in United States of America. The fact is the Chicco Keyfit 30 still remains in the market for so many years after the introduction which is evidence that it is still popular among the buyers.

Comparison Table – Chicco Keyfit 30 magic Vs Chicco Keyfit zip

Features Chicco Keyfit 30 magic Chicco Keyfit zip
Brand Chicco Chicco
Car seat type Infant car seat Infant car seat
Weight suggestion 4 to 30 lbs 4 to 30 lbs
5 point harness Available Available
SuperCinch Available Available
RideRight Indicator Available Available
ReclineSure Available Available
Infant Insert Available (4 to 11 lbs) Available (4 to 11 lbs)
Zip-out Mesh Panel Available Available
All-Weather boot Available Available
FAA approved Yes Yes
Compatible with Chicco Bravo, Cortina, Urban, Neuvo, Activ3, TRE, Cortina Together, Liteway Plus and KeyFit Caddy strollers Chicco Bravo, Cortina, Urban, Neuvo, Activ3, TRE, Cortina Together, Liteway Plus and KeyFit Caddy strollers

Differences between Chicco Keyfit 30 magic and Chicco Keyfit zip

The main difference between Chicco Keyfit 30 magic 30 and zip is the zip function. The Chicco Keyfit zip has three main zip functions namely zip-on visor, zip-off canopy and zip-around boot. Zip-on visor helps you extend the canopy for shelter from sun, zip-off canopy helps you easily remove the seat pad and wash it in the machine. Zip-around boot offers great comfort to the child which can be machine washed. The chicco keyfit 30 magic has all –weather boot feature.

Next is the canopy that is found big enough with mesh panel that can be extended. It is bigger than the Chicco Keyfit zip with its zip-on visor. When it comes to price, there is a little price difference between both the models. Usually Chicco Keyfit zip is offered at a higher price than Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic

Final words

We have discussed about the similar features and differences of both Chicco Keyfit 30 magic and Chicco keyfit zip. The Chicco Keyfit zip comes with additional features zip-on features like zip-on canopy, zip-on visor and zip-around boot. The prime benefit of choosing Chicco keyfit zip is the convenience of removing the seat pad and washing it in the machine. Therefore, it is easy to wash the seat pad if they get dirty soon as children always makes it a messy process. Chicco keyfit 30 magic has the big canopy with the extendable mesh panel. If you need a larger canopy to safeguard your child from sun then Chicco keyfit 30 Magic is the right choice. If you are planning to take your car seat outdoors on a stroller, the Chicco keyfit zip will suit your purpose if you do not mind spending a little more.