Chicco nextfit zip vs nextfit

Chicco nextfit zip and Nexfit are the two convertible car seats belonging to Chicco brand. Both share several features in common. To know which of the two models is a better choice you will have to know the common features as well as the differences. This article discusses about the common features and the differences of these car seat models to arrive at the best model.

Similarities between Chicco Nextfit Zip and Chicco Nextfit

As the models are closely related you will find a lot of similarities between these convertible seat models. The common features include:

Convertible car seat: Both are convertible car seat models which can be used in both rear facing and front facing mode. In rear facing mode the seats can accommodate infants weighing from 5 and 40 pounds and in the forward facing mode toddlers weighing from 22 to 65 pounds can fit in.

ReclineSure: Both convertible car seat models are equipped with ReclineSure feature which provides 9 recline positions. The higher number of recline positions imply that the car seats can fit in a wide range of vehicles.

RideRight bubble: This feature is available in both Chicco Nextfit and Nextfit which helps you arrive at the right angle in both rear facing and front facing modes.

Adjustable headrest: Both the convertible car seat models include an adjustable headrest. The seats include 6 headrest positions that cater to your child’s growth. There is also 2-position chest clip that holds your growing child tightly and securely to the seat in both front facing and rear facing mode.

SuperCinch Tightener: This feature is available in both the seat models which aids in arriving arrive at a tight and secure fit for your child with minimal effort. The car seats also feature latch compartments on either side. An integrated slide path is also provided in both the seats that helps you reposition the latch strap when transiting from rear facing mode to forward facing mode.

Infant insert with cupholder: Both Chicco Nextfit and Nextfit zip features a removable infant insert which comes with extra padding to comfort the infants weighing from 5 to 11 pounds in rear facing mode. A cupholder is attached to both the seat models helping your child have an easy access to drinks when required without depending during the journey.

Differences between Chicco Nextfit Zip and Chicco Nextfit

Though the seat models share several features in common there are also a few notable differences that help you decide the suitable model. The following are the differences found between the models.

Zip and Wash seat pad: Chicco Nextfit Zip features Zip and washable seat pad while Chicco Nextfit does not include this option. This feature allows you to freely remove the seat pad away from the shell and put it in machine for washing the same. With this feature available you need not worry about the seat pad getting dirty during the travel.

ComfortFlex harness management: Chicco Nextfit Zip is designed with ComfortFlex harness management mechanism which is not found in Chicco Nextfit. This padded feature completely stands out of the way and holds the waist belt up enabling the child to get in and out easily.

Price: As the Chicco Nextfit Zip is the higher end model than Chicco Nextfit and the price is also at a higher side. You can check the latest price and buy.