City Mini GT Vs City Mini

If you are looking for a stroller to jog your baby off-road you may think of Baby Jogger immediately. With so many options available it would be really challenging for you to choose the most suitable one for your baby. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT and City Mini are the great choices that for mothers who are looking for a delighting baby jogging either indoor or outdoor. The strollers are convenient, lightweight, easy to use and very comfortable for your baby. These two strollers almost look identical and you will be certainly stuck between the sensible choices. This comparison article will help you decide the most suitable choice. The features of the two strollers are almost similar but GT comes with a few extra features that may be suitable for some families.

The strollers are lightweight and can be folded down with one hand. This makes the storage as well as taking it out from the trunk easy. The features like large canopy, peek in windows and flat recline help your baby to have a nice snooze while strolling. GT has some extra padding and also the seat is tall which is convenient to accommodate bigger kids. You can see the difference in tires of the two strollers. The City Mini is fitted with rubber tires which make the movement on surfaces like tile, concrete and sidewalks easy. The GT is fitted with foam filled rubber tires which is easy to maneuver the stroller on rough terrains and the added shocks give comfortable ride over bumps and uneven tracks. Because of the bigger and air filled tires GT weighs 4 pounds extra than the City Mini model.  Likewise the two strollers also have different design of handlebars and braking systems. The GT can take baby weight up to 65 pounds while city mini can take up to 50 lbs.

The GT stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar with adjustable height ranging from 30 to 43.5 inches from that ground so that it is easy to push for everyone and a handbrake system against the fixed handlebar and footbrake system found in City Mini. Both the car seat models come with the same adaptor option for infant car seat models. Let us have a comparison study on both the strollers.

Comparison Table – City Mini GT Vs City Mini

Features City Mini GT City Mini
Brand Baby Jogger Baby Jogger
Weight of the stroller 20.9 lbs 16.8 lbs
Weight capacity 65 lbs 50 lbs
Tires Foam filled tires Rubber tires
Wheel size 8.5 inches 8 inches
Type of wheel Forever-Air EVA
Seat Back Height 26 inches 23 inches
Braking system Hand Foot
Adjustable handlebar Yes No
Front wheel Single Double


Though GT can take up to 65 lbs and has air foam filled tires, it is still a lightweight stroller and an ideal one for parents looking for the right one. Parents opine that the stroller is easy to steer and offers a smooth ride even over bumpy road. The GT has a swiveling front wheel which ensures easy maneuverability and it can be locked at one point for long distance strolling. For the extra features like handbrake and adjustable handlebar you can go for City Mini GT.