Clek Fllo Review

Clek Fllo is the convertible car seat model that features a compact design without compromising in style, safety and comfort. This is considered to be one of the fanciest car seat models available in less price range. The seat models come in different pleasant colors and fabrics. The fabric used in the car seat model is Greenguard certified which means that the fabric is durable and non-toxic. The seat also offers permanent protection against dampness, stain and bacteria that cause odor. This eliminates the need of washing the seat cover.

Weight and height limits

Rear facing mode: It can accommodate kids weighing from 14 to 50 lbs and of height 25 to 43 inches. The child can sit upright with head being at least 1″ below the top portion of headrest.

Forward facing mode: The seat can accommodate 22 to 65 lbs and of height 30 to 49″. The child should minimum be one year of age to be seated.

Overview of Check Fllo

  • The seat includes an optional steel anti-rebound bar that is engineered to limit rebound after a crash has occurred
  • Inbuilt lockoffs for both front facing and back facing modes
  • The seat model is certified for use with inflatable seat belts of Ford Motor Company
  • The seat features a sturdy sub-structure that does not twist in a crash
  • The headrest is lined with energy absorbing foam and steel rods connect it to the seat frame
  • Adjustable recline that can be adjusted depending on child’s weight
  • Adjustable crotch straps come with two different lengths and two different positions to fit bigger kids
  • The seat can accommodate kids up to 4 years of age in rear facing mode
  • The seat features EACT Safety System (Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology Safety System) which is an aluminum honeycomb like structure. This is seen under the child to absorb forces at the event of a crash.
  • The seat features a narrow footprint being one of the narrowest convertible car seats available in the market today
  • Seat uses Crypton Super Fabrics that are waterproof, resists moisture and odor creating bacteria.
  • Seat is approved by FAA

Installation process

The steel anti-rebound bar comes into use when installing the seat in rear facing mode and is optional. When a crush occurs, it prevents rotation into the seat’s back in seconds. Manufacturers like Britax, Combi and Diono use rear facing tethers to achieve anti-rebound but Clek chose ARB to provide the same. In Canada, the idea of using rear facing tethers is against and that is the reason Clek, a Canadian origin uses ARB. The ARB feature increases the front to back space that you would be needing for your rear facing installation by about one and half inch. The base will conveniently fit on the flat surface of the seat so you need not worry about the kind of seat you have.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact design
  • Comfortable safety features
  • Fit for Airplane travel
  • Extended rear facing
  • Anti-rebound bar feature
  • Attractive colors
  • Waterproof and easy to clean fabric
  • Easy installation


  • Little expensive
  • Extra infant insert is required
  • Cannot pass through x-ray at airport
  • Seat cover not machine washable

Overall, Clek Fllo offers wonderful safety features, amazing style and ease of use. Your little one will enjoy the ride throughout the trip.