Clek Foonf Vs Fllo

Clek is basically a Canadian based company that designs best car seats for children. There are distinct types of models designed by the company for years and some of the latest additions are certainly worth a glance. Their best contributions are indeed the convertible car seats known as Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo. These two models are designed primarily keeping the convenience and safety of children in mind. There are distinct color patterns to meet the preferences of parents. The convertible car seats not only look great but also provide safety features and benefits to ensure that your child enjoys a secure and smooth ride.

If you are considering a convertible car seat from, Clek but unsure which model to choose, the comparison between Foonf and Fllo will certainly help. Here is the comparison table between the two models that can be referred at a glance to get a quick idea. Based on this, you can choose the car seat that best fits the requirement of you and your child.

Comparison Table of Clek Foonf vs. Clek Fllo

Brand Clek Foonf Clek Fllo
Seat Type Convertible Convertible
Car Seat Weight 33 Pounds 25 Pounds
Rear-Facing Weight 14-50 lbs 14-50 lbs
Forward-Facing Weight 22-65 lbs 22-65 lbs
Lower Anchor Weight Limit 25 lbs / 30 lbs 35 lbs / 40 lbs
Lower Anchor Connector Rigid Anchor Flexible Anchor
Anti Rebound Bar Needed for Rear Facing Optional
Rigid-LATCH system Yes No
Side Impact Protection Yes Yes

Detailed comparison between Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo

  • Height and Weight Limit

Both Clek Foonf and Fllo have similar limits in terms of height and weight. Therefore, you need to take a closer look to figure out which model works best for you.

  • Recline Mechanism

The Clek Foonf comes with a base attached to the seat’s bottom that helps in reclining the car seat. There are 3 mechanical reclining positions. As far as Fllo is concerned, it has a reclining foot that flips in the front and back under the car seat. When using ear facing mode, it should be placed forward and similarly for front facing, it can be positioned back. It should always be used for rear facing mode. This means that Fllo requires an additional reclining help through using a towel.

  • Lower Anchor Connector

The Fllo consists of only a single strap and makes use of flexible webbing for movement from rear facing to forward facing path. When it comes to Foonf, it is inclusive of 2 sets of lower anchor connectors. This car seat makes use of the traditional connector strap and rigid lower anchor connectors for rear facing and forward facing respectively.

  • Height required in vehicle

When you choose the Foonf, you should be aware that it comes with a base which needs to be attached to the seat for rear facing. As a result, the height of the car seat goes up by many inches. The car seat goes higher and close to the vehicle’s roof. The Fllo on the other hand comes with recline that is inbuilt and hence requires nothing additional. However, it is placed a bit lower in your car when compared to Foonf.


Both Foonf and Fllo are more or less similar with certain differences. However, they are equally best choices to suit your children. The seats last long as the weight limit for rear facing is 50 lbs. The seats are narrow for both models which is another reason that makes these two model a good choice. Based on the comparisons, you can understand the similarities and differences of these two popular car seats from Clek and choose the one that meets your requirement to the fullest.