Clek Olli Vs Ozzi

If you are not having tight budget to buy a car seat for your vehicle and looking for a backless booster car seat, you have two options to consider. Clek Olli and Clek are the backless booster car seats manufactured by Clek. The car seat models are completely made in North America is you prefer a US brand and most of the suppliers are based at North America. Which one is going to be the best choice of car seat for you? Well, to answer this question, you will have to analyze the similarities and differences between the two car seat models. Let us compare and get to know in detail about the two models.

Comparison table – Clek Olli vs Clek Ozzi

Features Clek Olli Clek Ozzi
Manufacturer Clek Clek
Car seat type Backless booster seat Backless booster seat
Weight limit suggestions 40 to 120 pounds 40 to 120 pounds
Steady Latch system Yes Yes
Comfort-cube Yes Yes
Reliable fabric Yes Yes
Armrests Two layers Two layers
Compatible Clekjacket Yes Yes
Detachable seat cover Yes Yes
Quick release mechanism Yes No
Crypton Super fabrics Yes No
Drink-thingy Yes No
Strap-thingy Yes No

At the end of the comparison table we could see a few differences between the two car seat models. With the help of Quick Release System available in Clek Olli uninstalling the seat becomes easy when compared to Clek Ozzi which lacks it. Secondly, Clek Olli comes with Crypton Super fabrics which provide long protection against odor causing bacteria, stains and moisture. Clek Ozzi does not come with Crypton Super fabrics. Drink-thingy feature in Clek Olli helps your kids to easily grab their drinks. Likewise Strap-thingy feature in Clek Olli eliminates the hassle of hand carrying. When you shift from one vehicle to another, you will have to just slip this backless booster on to your shoulders. These two features are missing in Clek Ozzi. If you need them you can purchase them separately as extra accessories for Clek Ozzi car seat.

When it comes to price, Clek Olli is offered at a higher price than Clek Ozzi for extra features. The exact price can be known from checking the official website but the price of the two car seat models keep changing.

Final words

After going through the similarities and differences, it is obvious that Clek Olli is priced higher than Clek Ozzi. The price difference is mainly due to the features like quick release mechanism, Crypton Super fabrics, Drink-thingy and Strap-thingy present in Clek Olli. These features make Clek Olli more comfortable and easy to use. If your budget can be extended for backless booster seat for your kid then you must consider Clek Olli. If you want the car seat to be affordable then Clek Ozzi can be your choice though it lacks the three extra features present in Clek Olli. Otherwise, the functionalities are similar in the both the car seat models. More customers are very much satisfied with using Clek Olli for its comfort and ease of use.