Diono Radian RXT Vs R120

Both Diono Radian Rxt and R120 convertible car seats have been in the market for many years and continue to be the most wanted car seat models among the parents and car safety experts. Though they belong to the convertible seats category which can be used from birth they can also be utilized as harness to booster seats and at last as high back booster seats. Buying one of these seats will accommodate your children right from the birth till they no longer need a child car seat at all. Though they are not the cheapest options, buying one of the car seat models will prove their versatility and worth of investment. The features of Diono Radian Rxt and R120 are similar but with a major difference. Let us discuss about the similarities and differences between the two models.

Comparison Table – Diono Radian Rxt vs R120

Features Diono Radian Rxt Radian R120
Back facing weight 5 to 45 pounds 5 to 45 pounds
Back facing height 44 inches 44 inches
Front facing weight(Harness) 20 to 80 pounds 20 to 80 pounds
Front facing height(Harness) Up to 57 inches Up to 57 inches
Front facing weight(Booster) 50 to 120 pounds 50 to 120 pounds
Front facing height(Booster) Up to 57 inches Up to 57 inches
Steel reinforced frame Yes Yes
Energy absorbing harness Yes Yes
LATCH Mechanism SuperLATCH SuperLATCH
Adjustable headrest Yes No
Infant insert Yes Yes
Top tether Yes (Front facing & Back facing) Yes (Front facing & Back facing)
Expiry of seat Ten years Ten years
FAA approval Yes Yes

The similar features include – NCAP crash tested, stretchable sides and long seat bottom for proper leg support, angled cup holders to hold the cup straight for easy reach, rubber bottom grips for non slip installation, machine washable seat cover, folds easy for transport and storage and 10 years lifespan.

Radian RXT vs Radian R120 – Difference

The only difference between Radian RXT and Radian R120 is that the RXT car seat model comes with a 12-position adjustable headrest. You can make out the difference by seeing head section in the images of the two car seat models. The adjustable headrest found in Radian RXT provides an additional layer of side impact protection and also provides a very comfortable place for your child to rest their head on long road trips helping them to have a better sleep. As you have to just pay a little more than what you pay for Radian 120, it is recommended that you go for Radian RXT version for that extra protection you get. For more clarity you can read comparison reviews online that provide comparison through a video demo.

Final words

As said above, both Radian RXT and Radian 120 have almost similar features in terms of design and safety. The only single difference is the 12 position adjustable headrest found in Radian RXT model which adds as an extra layer of side impact protection for your child. If safety is your main concern and if you can extend your budget a little, Radian RXT is the better choice among the above discussed convertible car seat models.