Diono Rainier vs Radian Rxt

Diono Rainier and Diono Radian are the two convertible car seat models from the Diono manufacturing house that you can consider buying for your child for the comfort and safety they offer. You can arrive at the best among the two by analysing the features and other factors. After analysing the similarities and the differences between the two you will be able to decide the car seat that would suit your child the most. The following is the detailed comparison of the two convertible car seat models.

Common features between Diono Rainer Vs Radian Rxt

  • Complete steel frame and sides are reinforced with aluminium
  • Changes to booster mode for the user weight between 50 to 120 lbs and height up to 57 inches
  • Exclusive SuperLATCH system that enables easy installation
  • The seats are NCAP crash tested
  • The seats offer side impact protection and use energy absorbing EPS foam for comfort
  • The seats feature Safe Stop energy absorbing harness system to keep the child secure during a collision
  • The seats have rear facing tethering facility
  • Features forward facing recline position additionally to fit into different types of vehicles of varying shapes
  • Headrest that can be adjusted to 12 positions
  • The seats include five shoulder and three buckle positions
  • The seats are certified by FAA and folds flat for travel
  • Additional set of harness pads are provided for use when child crosses 65 pounds in the 5 point harness
  • The sides are expandable and the seat bottom is long enough to provide proper support to the legs
  • Loading is easier as the seats sit low on vehicle’s seat
  • Drinks can be stored upright and are reachable as the cup holders are angled
  • Seat cover is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Features rubber bottom grips for installation without slipping

Though there are similar features found in both Rainier and Radian rxt there are notable differences seen as well which you should be aware of before deciding your choice of seat.

Differences seen between Rainier Vs Radian rxt

The main differences between the two seat models include:

  • The Radian RXT takes up to 45 lbs in the rear facing mode but Rainier can take up to 50 lbs
  • The forward facing harness range is between 20 and 80 lbs but the Rainier’s harness range is between 20 and 90 lbs
  • Rainier features reinforced additional deep sidewalls lined with energy absorbing foam and additional head and body protection

Diono Radian RXT is rated better by its users than Diono Rainer. Checkout Diono Radian RXT ratings in Amazon. 

Though both the seats are wider at the base, the Rainier is extra wide at the front top portion because of the sidewalls measuring 18.5 inches

Both are priced based on the features and neither of them is cheap. They can be your ideal choice due to their higher user weight capacity. When you consider the cost factor alone, it would cost you more when buying successive seats for your growing child. Customers prefer Diono Radian RXT more than Diono Rainer.

Checkout Diono Rainer and user reviews on Amazon.com

Checkout Diono Radian RXT and user reviews on Amazon.com