Evenflo Chase vs Maestro

Evenflo chase and Maestro are the two choices of car seats if you are looking to buy an affordable booster car seat for your child. The car seat models are from the manufacturing warehouse of Evenflo having many features in common and with very minimal differences. You can choose either of them for your child but if you want to buy the most suitable model you will have to know the similarities and differences between the two car seat models.

Similarities between Evenflo chase and Maestro

The similarities are more in number than the differences and therefore equally affordable.

2-in-1 harness booster car seat: Both car seat models are introduced to the market as 2-in-1 car seat that can be used as front facing with harness mode and converted into booster mode when the child grows. The harness mode minimal weight limit is 22 lbs and booster mode is 40 lbs.

5-point harness with upfront adjustment: The car seat models feature 5-point harness for the child to be seated in front facing with harness mode. The upfront adjustment lets your child to get in and out easily.

Auto adjust belt path: The car seat models feature auto adjust belt path which helps in properly positing the vehicle’s shoulder belt across child’s shoulder to ensure secure seating.

Multiple harness and Crotch buckle positions: Both the car seat models have four should harness positions and two crotch buckle positions which help in accommodating your growing child.

Side impact tested: Both the car seat models doubly satisfy the federal crash tests standards thus offering you a peace of mind.

Latch system: Both car seats feature Latch system that is designed with tether which helps in easy installation and transportation of seats between multiple vehicles.

Machine washable seat pad: Both the car seat models come with seat pads that are washable in machine.

Dual cup holder: Both the car seat models come with dual cup holder to place your child’s snacks and drinks.

Differences between the models

Forward facing harness weight limit: Both the car seat models can be used as harness car seat when the baby weighs 20 lbs. However, Evenflo Maestro can be used in harness mode for a longer time till the baby turns a toddler weighing 50 lbs while Evnenflo chase can be used in harness mode for a toddler weighing only up to 40 lbs. It is generally recommended for the baby to be in harness mode for a longer period as it is more secure than the high back booster mode.

Price: Evenflo Maestro is introduced as a higher end model than Evenflo Chase. So it is understood that Maestro is priced higher than the Chase.

To conclude, from the above we can understand that Evenflo Maestro is positioned higher than the Evenflo Chase. Evenflo Maestro offers you a wider child weight limit in the harness mode so that you can use it for a longer time for your child. Harness mode is considered more secure than the booster mode. So, if you want to keep your child secure for a longer time you should go for Evenflo Maestro and if you are not ready to spend more for it you can choose Evenflo Chase which is a good alternative choice.