Evenflo Symphony Elite Vs DLX

Evenflo Symphony Elite and Evenflo Dlx car seat models are fundamentally the same model from the manufacturing warehouse of Evenflo with SureLatch Connectors. They are traded under different names based on the store. For example, Amazon sells it as Evenflo Symphony Elite while Babies R US has the name Dlx.

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The Evenflo Symphony is the basic model of this category with slightly a different connector. It will be more helpful if we compare the Evenflo Symphone Elite with the basic model Symphony Lx and know the key differences between the two.

Evenflow Symphony Elite

Even Symphony Elite (DLX) is considered the highest model when compared to LX. Elite model features e3 side impact protection which reduces the forces from the sides at the event of a crash. The seat model is fitted with dual elastic cup holders on either side for the kids to grab their favorite drinks. The SureLatch technology used in the car seat model helps in easy and secure installation of the seat. The car seats are machine washable that eliminates the worries of them getting dirty too often. The customers are satisfied with Evenflo Symphony Elite because of the easy installation and there are even reviews from customers about how their kids are saved from side impact collisions.

Evenflo Symphony LX

Symphony LX is the more affordable choice when compared to Elite mode. This car seat model also features e3 side impact protection to save your children from any side impact collisions. The model is also fitted with two cup holders for easy grab of drinks. The model also features infinite slide harness that accommodates your growing child. The Quick Connector Latch System can be used to attach or detach the car seat from the vehicle conveniently. Like Symphony Elite, LX is also a 3-in-one car seat which can be used in front facing mode for infants, forward facing mode for toddlers and booster seat for older kids. The model has received good customer ratings. Customers say that the car seat is easy to install within a few minutes and is comfortable as well.

Comparison Table

Evenflo Symphony DLX (Elite) Evenflo Symphony LX
Manufacturer Evenflo Evenflo
Car seat model Convertible car seat Convertible car seat
Weight suggestions 5 to 110 lbs 5 to 110 lbs
e3 side impact protection Available Available
Elastic cup holder Dual Dual
Upfront multi position recline Available Available
Upfront harness adjustment Available Available
Connectors SureLatch technology Quick Connector LATCH

Final words

The key difference between the two car seat models is the connectors. Evenflo Symphony Elite uses SureLatch technology which is superior compared to Quick Connector LATCH system found in Symphony LX. Still, Quick Connector LATCH system is much easier to connect and secure as well. Being the higher end model, Symphony Elite is certainly priced higher than Symphony LX. Both the car seat models almost have similar features and the 3-in-one system helps you accommodate your kids right from their infancy till they outgrow the booster mode. If you do not mind spending more going for a SureLatch technology is a better choice.

Read Customer Reviews on Evenflo Symphony Elite(DLX) from Amazon.com

Read Customer Reviews on Evenflo Symphony LX from Amazon.com