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Britax Roundabout g4.1 Review

The Britax roundabout g4.1 is one of the basic models from the manufacturing warehouse of Britax in USA. Though being the basic model it does not lack any safety or comfort features that the expensive car seats possess. However, the car seat will not have the range of exclusive features that you find in other Britax expensive ClickTight convertible car seats and you can understand it well from the low price.

The Britax roundabout g4.1 is a very convincing convertible car seat model that can stay with your child for 2 to 3 years. The car seat weighs about 17.6 pounds and it lacks a few features which are regarded as luxury extras in other models. However the missing features are no where related to the safety aspect of this car seat model as it complies with all the federal safety standards. The higher end Britax models such as Britax Boulevard ClickTight, Marathon ClickTight and Advocate ClickTight will have some extra safety features and obviously they are priced higher.

Highlight features of Britax roundabout g4.1

The main differences between Britax roundabout and other high end models is the Britax roundabout g4.1 has no ClickTight installation system, has lower child weight and height limits and has limited harness slot height option.

Child height and weight limits: The maximum weight limit in the rear facing mode is 40 lbs and the height limit is 46 inches. In the front facing mode the maximum weight limit is 55 lbs and the height limit is 46 inches. Years before Britax roundabout g4.1 seat’s height and weight limits were considered the most liberal in the market.

Seat installation: The car seat is very easy to install in your vehicle if you have the required anchors in your vehicle. The seat features LATCH connectors that come with on/off push button type that is easy to operate. Like any other convertible car seat there is a specific child weight limit to use the LATCH connectors and once you cross the limit you need to reinstall the seat with the provided vehicle seat belt. The weight limit for using the LATCH connectors is 40 lbs in the rear facing mode and 50 lbs in the forward facing mode.

SafeCell impact protection system: The Britax roundabout g4.1 features a few collision protection systems. It does not have the Side Impact Protection technology that comes with big head wings and found in Britax Advocate ClickTight. It also does not have the extra cushioned headrest that is found in the Boulevard ClickTight. The safety features of Britax roundabout g4.1 include an energy absorbing base, integrated steel frame, side impact protection and v-shaped tether.

Seat recline options: The seat has only 3 recline options and you may not be able to arrive at the precise recline position with this minimal options.

Infant insert: The Britax roundabout g4.1 comes with an infant insert pillow to help babies get a better fit. Till up to 22 lbs of weight it can be used in the rear facing mode.

The other features include – twist free 5-point harness with chest clip, quick adjust two position buckle and FAA approved for aircraft travel. The seat comes with fundamental safety features and only lacks extra side impact protection. The seat meets all the federal safety standards and can be a good and an affordable buy.