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Britax Marathon Clicktight Reviews

If you are on the lookout for a best car seat for your child, the Britax Marathon Click Tight model is the ultimate choice. It is an entry level car seat which is reasonable in terms of price compared to other models of Britax. It is designed with some of the best safety features which makes it so popular and in demand today. In terms of convenience, this car seat beats all odds as it is easy to use and keeps your mind at ease while your child is seated in the car. The product has been reviewed below to help you make a right choice.

Before reviewing the product, you should be aware of the term Click Tight and how it works to make the car seat the safest one to use. The Click Tight is a term used with reference to the seatbelt that works with the concept of foolproof installation created by the company. The installation method of the belt has been one of the top features of Britax and the company has designed a wide range of car seats using this concept for several years. Recently Britax came up with this idea to use Click Tight concept on their convertible car seats too. Some of the notable features of Britax Marathon Click Tight car seat have been listed below.

  • Includes buckle pad, plush foam pad and shoulder pads along with removable pillow
  • EZ buckle system that ensures that the straps and buckles are out of the way when you place your kid in the seat.
  • The car seat cover can be easily removed for cleaning purpose
  • Marathon Click Tight car seat is certified for aircraft travelling
  • Manufactured in the USA with the help of global components

Height and weight limits of the child

  • Rear-facing starts from 5 to 40 lbs for infants
  • Front facing from 20 to 65 lbs for older children. The child should be one year old at least.

Safety Features of Britax Marathon Click Tight

There is no denying that the Marathon car seat is known primarily for its safety features. Therefore, most parents in the USA prefer this car seat over other traditional car seats for various reasons. Some of the best safety features have been discussed below.

  • Click Tight Installation System: This system basically is a 3 stage process that is simple to follow. The compartment of the car seat needs to be opened, the seat belt should be fed using the correct route and lastly the compartment should be closed once you get a notification to click. Most parents find it difficult to install the convertible car seats and they end up installing it incorrectly. Therefore, this mechanism works best here as it makes it simpler and safe to install for anyone.
  • Safe Cell Base: The Safe Cell base consists of a honeycomb design which comes in best use to compress during a crash. In addition, it brings down the center of gravity of the child by counteracting the front rotation of the car seat. As a result, there is a lower risk of injuries caused to your child.
  • Safe Cell Impact Steel Frame: The car seat obtains the advantage of a Safe Cell Impact steel frame. This feature helps in adding strength to the structure of the seat and also reduces the forward flexion during a collision.
  • Safe Cell Impact Tether: The tether is basically a strap that is used to protect the upper portion of the seat and to lower anchors in your car. It is indeed a useful safety feature as it protects the car seat from being pushed forward in the case of a collision.
  • Recline Positions: The Marathon Click Tight car seat is designed with 7 distinct reclining positions that can be easily adjusted. There is a red handle placed below the front portion of the seat for making the required adjustment. In addition, there is an indicator that guides you to find the correct position for your kid. The automatic level indicator is one of the impressive features as it keeps you feeling confident and there is no guess work involved. Due to multiple reclining positions, the car seat can be easily installed even in smaller cars.
  • Quick Adjustable Harness & Side Impact Protection: The headrest and harness adjustment can be done easily and there is no need of rethreading the harness straps.  A deep foam lined shell offers side impact protection to your child.

Thus, these are some of the safety features that are highly beneficial for parents to travel with their child securely regardless of the distance. It is indeed an excellent choice to make if you are looking at these premium safety features mentioned above. Also, it is economical priced when you compare it with other car seats manufactured by Britax.