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Best Britax Convertible Car Seat 2018

The car seat for your child is highly essential nowadays considering the ongoing traffic and road conditions. It is the duty of parents to protect their child during road journeys and hence car seats play a vital role here. With myriads of convertible car seats made available in the industry, choosing the best brand and model is a daunting task. Britax is one of the popular brands that manufacture convertible car seats for children. The company has been leading in safety technology of children for over 70 years. It has been constantly focusing and coming up with innovative ideas that best suit the safety of a child. It is indeed one of the bestselling car seats and has become the top brand trusted by many families in America since its inception. Some of the best car seats have been reviewed below.

  1. Britax USA Advocate Click Tight Car Seat Convertible, Circa

The convertible car seat from Britax is the advanced version that is designed with groundbreaking installation technique. This feature ensures that the seat is installed perfectly and safely. In addition, it offers best protection for your child which makes it one of the most popular choices for majority of parents. It is made using world class components in the USA and has been awarded by NHTSA in 2015. Some of the key features have been listed below.


  • Click Tight Installation is the main feature through which parents can ensure protection of their kids. All they need to do is simply open the car seat in the front and buckle the seat belt. Thereafter the seat can be shut and you are good to go. Thus, installation is simple and solid.
  • Safe Cell Impact Safety is a protective system that includes an energy absorbent base, steel frame and tether. These components reduce seat rotation which in turn decreases forward movements especially during a crash.
  • Three layers are provided for side impact protection. It is designed by foam lined shell, side cushions and head protection. Parents can protect their child from extreme kinds of collision.
  • The car seat comes with an adjustable 14 position harness along with 2 position buckle. This helps in easy movement of harness upward and outward for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Click and safe Snug harness display ensures correct fit of the harness for best child protection.

2. Britax USA Boulevard Click Tight Car Seat Convertible, Circa

You can now ensure the safety and protection of your loved ones with the top brand known as Britax. It is number one when it comes to safety. It is designed with best installation system which helps in simple installation and offer protection against side impacts. This model can be used both as a front facing car seat and rear facing one for children weighing from 5 to 40 pounds and kids from 20 to 65 pounds. Some of the best features of this convertible car seat have been mentioned below.

  • The energy absorbing shell along with foam based headrest provides dual protection to protect your kid from side impacts.
  • It is designed with a smart concept of click and safe snug harness that helps your child to be seated with appropriate tightness.
  • The 14 position harness can be adjusted easily as your child grows. The height of the car seat can be altered simply within the push of a button.
  • The components used for car seats from Britax are of superior quality and hence the seat is highly durable and offers the right protection that you are looking for.

3. Britax Marathon G4 1 Car Seat Convertible, Static

If you are on the lookout for a convertible car seat and child safety is the main criteria, you should certainly consider the Marathon G41 convertible seat. The Marathon convertible car seat from Britax protects your child and keeps your mind at ease. It can be used as rear facing or front facing seat for your kids. The car seat is made using safety components as the main objective of the manufacturer is the safety and comfort of a child. The convertible seat has several features, but the prime ones have been listed below.


  • The convertible car seat offers safe cell impact protection which is inclusive of an energy-absorbent base, steel frame and a patented tether.
  • Protects children from extreme cases of collision through its deep energy absorbent shell
  • 3 distinct positions for reclining for ultimate comfort and safety of your child
  • Quick adjustable 10 position harness along with dual position buckle for moving the harness upwards for secure fit
  • On and off lower anchors that help in locking and releasing through a push of a button

4. Britax Boulevard G4 1 Car Seat, Fusion

The convertible car seat is a great choice to get your family reach places with a lot of fun along with safety. This particular model is designed using all safe components to meet the safety standards accurately. The advanced layer of protection is what makes this unit a popular choice among users today. There are numerous features that help parents travel with their child without any hassles or stress. Some of the main characteristics are as follows:


  • Two layer for protection from side impact through head rest and foam lined shield. It protects your child from any mishaps or accidents.
  • Safe cell impact protection is offered by a steel frame, patented tether and an energy absorbent base.
  • Adjustable 10 position harness in addition to buckle with 2 position helps in quick movement of harness in an upward direction and buckle in an outward direction. It provides best fit as your kid grows.
  • The lower anchors with on and off button help in easy locking and releasing.

Thus, these are some of the best convertible car seats from Britax which certainly meets your requirements in terms of child safety and protection. It assures parents that their children can be safe during rides.