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Best Backless Booster Seat Reviews

Child safety is one of the main concerns for every parent especially when they take car rides regularly. Backless booster seats are primarily designed with cushions to increase the height to suit your kid so as to offer a proper belt fit. As a result, your child is seated securely throughout the journey. There are different types of backless booster seats introduced in the market. If you are keen to purchase one for your kid, you can go through some of the top models discussed below.

1. Graco Backless Turbo Booster Car Seat, Galaxy 

A backless car seat which offers safety and peace of mind is what parents mostly look for. When you choose the best product it helps growing kids to enjoy car trips regardless of the distance. Therefore, Graco brings the top rated backless booster seat for its customers to protect children at all times while they are on road trips. If you are looking for a booster seat for your child, look no further than Turbo Booster car seats from Graco.

The booster seat from Graco offers many features but the key feature is the adjustable and padded armrests. It helps in customizing a comfortable ride for your child. In addition, there are cup holders to store favorite beverages of your kids and is within their reach while being seated. The car seat is designed in a manner to offer comfortable ride to your kids and ensures that they enjoy their ride. It is highly recommended by AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) that children should always use a booster seat during their car rides for safety reasons.

Features at a glance

  • Transports kids from ages 4 to 10 measuring 40 to 100 pounds with a maximum height of 57 inches.
  • It is top rated by renowned magazines as well as publications
  • It is designed with thorough tests to ensure that it meets the safety standards
  • Stylish design makes children want to use the backless car seat for all their rides

2. Clek Ozzi Backless Booster Seat

Clek is a manufacturer based out of Canada and produces award winning seats which come with a combination of safety and style. It provides the best design and is indeed one of the best automotive car seats for your child today. Some of the best features have been briefed below. The backless booster seat from Clek is one of the leading products designed primarily to keep your child safe. It offers integrated latch system which fastens to the lower anchors of the vehicle to provide secure and comfortable seat for kids. Similar to the car seat of your vehicle, Ozzi is designed with an extra layer of padding to reduce the numbness in your buttocks and the automotive fabric perfectly matches with the interior of your vehicle. Some of the key features of this booster seat have been discussed below.


  • Rigid Latch Connectors is one of the main features which securely get attached to the lower anchors of the vehicle in no time. It offers extra booster seat stability especially when there is a collision.
  • When you sit on hard surfaces for longer duration, you tend to face numb-bum problems. But if you choose Clek Ozzi booster seat for your kid, you can be rest assured that they can be seated comfortably even when they are falling asleep.
  • It is light weight which helps in easy transport from vehicle to vehicle and the seat cover is designed sleekly which can be removed and hand washed easily.

3. Disney Store and Go Backless Booster Seat, Car Formula Racer

Enjoy a fun filled ride with booster car seat from Disney in a cars formula racer way. It comes with the belt positioning option which is one of the main attractions of this product. The storage space helps kids to keep their snacks and drinks especially when the ride is for long hours. This is one of the most popular backless car seat which is in high demand today. Parents can travel with their children as they can remain buckled safely without any scope for accidents or injuries. Once the latch is closed, it remains shut to ensure that the kids are safe and comfortable. Some of the key features have been mentioned below.

Features at a glance

  • Booster car seat with belt positioning of 40 to 100 pounds
  • Easily reachable gear during rides without the need of unbuckling
  • Child-friendly latch which keeps drawer shut for safety
  • Inbuilt cup holder with extra storage towards the sides of car seat
  • Inclusive of seatbelt strap that can be adjustable for best fit

4. Evenflo AMP Select Backless Booster Car Seat, Butterfly

If you are looking for a backless booster seat which offers utmost comfort and safety, the AMP booster seat from Evenflo is the best pick. It is specially designed to suit older kids to ensure that they use the seat belt comfortably. It has a cool look and keeps kids secure and makes the ride an exciting one. With distinct colors, your kids will certainly love using it and parents can be free from stress with regards to the safety of their child. If you are one of those parents who love travelling especially long distances, the booster car seat from Evenflo will certainly come in best use. Some of the key features have been discussed below.


  • The belt clip helps in best positioning of the belt which keeps the kids seated for long duration without any sign of discomfort.
  • The car seat pad is easy to maintain as it can be easily machine washed.
  • There are dual elastic cup holders to store water bottles.
  • The arm rest is comfortable and can be wiped easily.
  • AMP seats are available in distinct shades and fun designs.

These are some of the best backless booster seats that can be considered for the comfort and safety of your children. You can carefully glance through the features of each product and choose the one that best meets your requirement.