Recaro Performance Ride vs Proride

Recaro Performance Ride and Recaro Proride share several features in common but also have a few differences. One major difference is the cost of the seat models. The Proride costs a few dollars less than the Performance. Both the car seat models are convertible seat models. The question is in what way Performance Ride is better than Proride to be sold at an extra price.

The common features include

  • The seat has both forward and rear facing functionality and comes with side impact protection for neck, head, face, torso and pelvic region.
  • It comes with a safety stripe system that indicates parents that the harness might twist or has begun to twist. This helps them prevent any major hazard.
  • 5-point harness that can be adjusted in front, integrated LATCH system and universal top tether system in forward facing mode
  • The seats use EPS foam to absorb forces and the head is protected and comforted with automotive PUR foam
  • The shell frame is ergonomically designed for more comfort and uses mesh fabric for proper air circulation
  • The seats can take on 5 to 40 pounds in back facing mode and 20 to 70 pounds in front facing position
  • The seats are certified for Aircraft journey when used in harness mode using the plane‚Äôs seat belt

Differences between Proride and Performance Ride

There are two major differences between the Proride and the Performance Ride car seats. They differ in harness mechanism and cup holder. In each of this case, Performance Ride comes with an extra feature while the Proride does not.

Hero harness system: The Hero harness system ensures that your kid gets the high level of comfort and protection. This is arrived by positioning the shoulder pads so that the neck, head and shoulders are well protected through proper fitting. The system also efficiently resists any twisting of harness and ensures perfect chest clip positioning. The Hero harness stands firm without twisting as each of the shoulder pad is connected through a piece of padding at the center and conceals neatly below the headrest. The pads also include a sort of material inside which further prevents them from twisting. The harness system prevents the common issue of twisting of shoulder pads and coming out of the proper alignment. If the harness twists, it can cause discomfort to your child and this also indicates that the shoulder pads are not behaving properly.

Cup holder: The Performance Ride seat includes a removable cup holder. Though it does not come under the safety features category, it definitely helps your child to store the drink and reach out to it whenever he or she wants to quench without depending on you.

Recaro recommends that the LATCH lower tethers should be used only on the Proride until your child crosses above 45 lbs and on the Performance Ride above 40 lbs. The difference is mainly due to heaviness of Performance Ride seat which weighs 4 lbs more than Proride. Both seats can be still used until the child weighs within 70 lbs provided you reinstall them instead of using adult seat belt. The top tethers should be still used.

The Recaro Performance costs a few dollars more than Recaro Proride mainly for the above features like Hero harness and removable cup holder.