Recaro Performance Ride Review

The Recaro Performance Ride Convertible car seat offers the right combination of safety, comfort and ease of use in both back and front facing car seating positions.

What are the safety features?

The seat is tested for international standards and features a smart design inspired from racing car model seats. The seat offers side protection for the full body and the face is protected by improvised side wings. The head rest is made of PUR foam which limits the movements of neck and the seat is reinforced on the sides, hips and thighs to provide firm support to the torso and pelvis. The seat features an innovative safety feature called Hero harness system. The Hero system offers superior grade of protection and comfort by properly adjusting the shoulder pads so that the child’s neck, head and shoulders get the high level of comfort. The harness does not twist and the chest clip also stays in the place intact helping the child to have a comfortable ride.

The Performance Ride also features the Recaro Safety Stripe System. You can see the white stripe which is racing-inspired clearly on the 5-point harness outer edge. This is an indication to the parents that a twist is possible or just begun thus helping them know the upcoming safety hazard.

How comfortable is the seat?

The Performance Ride includes all the high rank comfort features. The Cloud Comfort Memory Foam adapts to the shape of the child and shells structure is designed ergonomically. The seat is fitted with a removable cushion insert which offers additional comfort whether you go on a short or long road journey. The Performance Ride also provides enhanced airflow through the feature Dual Air Flow Comfort System. The CoolMesh fabric offers advanced breathability and the seat is equipped with inbuilt shell vents for a greater air circulation system. This helps your child to stay cool and comfortable throughout the ride.

The maintenance of the car seats is also hassle free as the Performance Ride car seats are equipped with various fabrics and colors that are easy to clean. The headrest is stuffed with PUR foam to offer higher comfort to your neck and head. The cushioned Hero harness pads add additional comfort as well as extra protection.

How convenient is the seat?

The adjustable 5-point harness can be positioned conveniently to accommodate your growing child and experience a perfect fit. The headrest and the harness can be adjusted at the same time with the help of a knob. Repositioning harness does not involve the hassle of rethreading any straps. The TrueLock belt perfectly locks so that you do not slip out of the seat belt when in forward facing mode and the installation also becomes a breeze with this feature.

The features of Performance Ride like push button, inbuilt LATCH system make the ride comfortable and safe. The tethering system at the top and the LATCH connectors come with inbuilt storage facilities when not in use. The back facing recline offers hassle free installation and higher comfort. The chest clip in the car seat belt features pockets to tuck the loose ends of the harness belts neatly inside. This allows you to place your child in the seat freely without the harness belts hindering your way. The Performance Ride also includes a detachable cup holder that can be kept on either side of the car seat for easy reach.

All these superior features make Recaro Performance Ride a most sought out car seat model.