Recaro proride reviews

Recaro Proride has good ratings for the safety and security that it offers to your children throughout the journey. The seat model features wings to protect the face and reinforced sidewalls and hips for added safety. The head rest limits the movements of neck. This convertible car seat can be used either in front facing mode or rear facing mode. The car seat model also comes with side impact protection to save your child from collision against any road accident. The seat is subjected to tests of international standards and features a smart design.

The car seat is ergonomically structured and offers pleasant and comfortable long road trips. The harness system features soft pads to make the seats even more comfortable. Recaro Proride uses the Safety Stripe System which alerts the parents if the harness twists or begins to twist. This ensures that this problem can be set right quickly. This also ensures that the child is secured in the seat and well protected. The EPS foam absorbs the impact and the head is well protected by the PUR foam so that your child can sleep comfortably in the seat. It protects the head if the vehicle meets with an accident. The seat is rated for accommodating children weighing from 5 to 40 lbs in rear facing mode and 20 to 65 lbs in front facing mode. This implies the height of the child has to be below 49 inches for both the directions and below 22.5 inches when seated.

Installation and comfort

To accommodate your child comfortably in the seat you can resize the harness straps or accommodate other children of different weights and heights. Rethreading of the harness or removing the seat for changing the size of the straps is not necessary. The 5-point harness can be simply adjusted with a knob provided. This enables sharing of seats with more children and also helps your growing children in the long run. The straps can be easily adjusted or tightened as required so that your child is securely fastened.

The seat uses LATCH system for installation which ensures a secure fit in your vehicle and also safety of your child. In case your child is not acquainted with this feature, you can however install the car seat using the traditional method of fastening the seat belt and still experience all the standard safety features. There is no need for worrying about the security.

The seat is designed ergonomically which ensures that your child is well protected and the harness straps keep them cozy with sufficient padding. The seat uses polystyrene foam which is soft and comfortable for your kind but strong enough to minimize impact at the event of an accident. Cleaning this car seat model is easy as you can easily remove the cover and put it in washing machine for washing. The rest of the seat can be gently wiped using a damp cloth. Exercise care not to use too much of water as this will affect the harness or buckles in the long run. Keep the seat totally clean for durability. The base and the seat have to be removed entirely if you want them to be shifted to another vehicle. This eliminates your worry of attaching the base properly or attaching seat to the base properly.

The seat is certified by FAA and therefore it can be fitted on an Aircraft seat. Only transporting the seat is bit tedious. Otherwise the seat is ideal for flying.