Snuza Hero vs Go

The snuza hero and snuza go are the devices that monitor your baby’s movements when they are fast asleep or resting. The snuza hero vibrates if does not detect any movement in your baby for a period of 15 seconds and then beep at 20 seconds. This feature is not available in snuza go; it will just send an alarm sound if it does not detect any movement. This is the major difference you can observe in both these models. Let us compare in detail about these two baby movement monitoring devices.

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Snuza Hero

Snuza Hero can be attached to your baby’s diaper by simply wrapping it around the abdomen. It monitors the abdominal movement of the baby. The device will detect the abdominal movement and will vibrate if it senses no movement for 15 seconds to rouse the baby to make some movements. A simple vibration is sufficient to rouse the baby and the device will go back to monitoring mode. If there are no movements detected for an additional 5 seconds of time a sharp loud alarm will be heard. The Snuza Hero can pick up movements from the surrounding part and therefore not advisable for bed sharing. It is recommended not to use Snuza Hero when the baby is in motion, like when traveling in a car or riding in a stroller.

Snuza Go

Snuza Go also attaches to the diaper and monitors baby’s abdominal movements. The tip is very sensitive to slightest movements and will alert you if the baby’s movements are weak or if they fall less than 8 movements per minute. If the device senses no movements for 20 seconds together, it will send out a loud alarm to alert you. If preferred the 20 seconds period of time can be reduced to 18 or 15 seconds. As Snuza Go can pick up external movements it is not recommended for co-sleeping or bed-sharing. Snuza Go should not be worn when the baby is in motion in a car or a stroller. When attaching the Snuza Go to baby’s diaper, ensure that it is in proper contact with the tummy in order to detect the movements correctly. It comes with CR2 batteries which last up to 1 year based on the usage.

Comparison Table – Snuza Hero Vs Snuza Go

Features Snuza Hero Snuza Go
Customer ratings 4.5 stars 4.5 stars
Time limit for sensing no movements 15 seconds 15/18/20 seconds
Color White with Blue White with Yellow
Vibrate Feature Available Not Available
Time limit for alarm 20 seconds (Vibrates at 15 seconds of no movement and alarm sounds at 20 seconds) Alarm sounds at 15, 18 or 20 seconds. Doesn’t vibrate.
Device dimensions 1.8 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches 1.6 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches
Battery Replaceable Replaceable

The main difference is seen in the price and the vibration feature that is found only in Snuzo Hero. For this extra feature Snuzo Hero is priced slightly higher than the Snuzo Go.

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